Seminar Schedule

The BSL Seminar takes place Tuesdays at 4:00pm in 265 McCone Hall.

Spring 2019 Seminars:

Speaker Affiliation Title
January 29 Dr. Walter Mooney USGS/Menlo Park The Upper Mantle Beneath North America: A New View from USArray Data
February 5 Prof. William Frank USC Self Diagnostic low-frequency earthquakes and the slow slip that drives them
February 12 Prof. Michael Bostock Univ. of British Columbia Controls on Seismicity in Cascadia
February 19 Prof. Cliff Thurber Univ. of Wisconsin What lies beneath Laguna del Maule, Chile?
February 26 Camilla Cattania Stanford U. Crack models to explain seismic cycles at different scales: small repeating earthquakes and vertical strike slip faults
March 5 Dr. Arben Pitarka LLNL Ground Motion Simulations of the M7, 2016 Kumamoto, Japan Earthquake Using Physics Based Rupture Models
March 12 Prof. Philippe Lognonné IPG Paris SEIS on Mars: Development challenges and first observations
March 19 Prof. Ebru Bozdag Colorado School of Mines Imaging Earth’s mantle with adjoint tomography: From measurements to interpretation
March 26 Spring Break
April 2 Guang Zhai BSL postodc Mechanical Modeling of Fluid-Rock Interactions: Volcano Deformation and Induced Seismicity
April 9 Felipe Gonzalez EPS postdoc Melting and stability of minerals at high pressure: consequences for Super-Earths and gas giants
April 16 Prof. Heather Ford UC Riverside
April 23 Mark Jellinek U. of British Columbia
Wednesday, May 1 Robert Martin-Short UC Berkeley
May 7 Tushar Mittal U.C Berkeley

Fall 2018 Seminars:

Speaker Affiliation Title
August 28 Kayla Kroll Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Testing the Efficacy of Active Pressure Management as a Tool to Mitigate Induced Seismicity
September 4 Zachary Ross Caltech Earthquake detection with deep learning
September 11 Ved Lekic University of Maryland Imaging Tectonic Plates with Surface and Converted Waves
September 18 Emily Montgomery-Brown USGS "Geodetic observations of the 2018 Kilauea Eruption" Or "A geophysical perspective of Long Valley Caldera"
September 25 Xie Hu UC Berkeley Characterization of ground deformation associated with shallow groundwater processes using satellite radar interferometry
October 2 Thomas Goebel UCSC What allows seismic events to grow big? Insights from b-value and fault roughness analysis in laboratory stick-slip experiments
October 9 Chen Gu MIT Bayesian Moment Tensor Inversion for Repeating Earthquakes – From Induced Seismicity to Pico-seismicity (Acoustic Emission)
October 16 Jens Lund Snee Stanford State of stress from the western Cordillera to the Eastern Seaboard, USA: Implications for induced seismicity
October 23 Phil Dawson USGS The creation and demise of the Overlook pit crater, Hawaii: a seismological perspective
October 30 Lise Retailleau Stanford Ambient field analysis: from source tracking to deep earth imaging
November 6 Maureen Walton USGS Quaternary deformation and earthquake hazards along the Queen Charlotte Fault, southeastern Alaska: New insights from marine geophysical data
November 13 Rengin Gok Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory International Cooperation in Seismology (examples of Mw estimation)
November 20 Mostafa Mousavi Stanford Denoising seismic data
November 27 Patricia Martinez-Garcon GFZ Potsdam Source-physics and fault mechanics of geothermal induced seismicity
December 4 Teng Wang School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University High-resolution 3D displacement from satellite radar imagery: Applications to earthquake, volcano and nuclear test

Spring 2018 Seminars:

Speaker Affiliation Title
January 16th First day of classes, no seminar.
January 23 Kang Wang UC Berkeley Observations and modeling of crustal deformation due to recent large earthquakes around the Tibetan Plateau
January 30 Martin Schoenball Stanford A systematic assessment of the spatio-temporal evolution of fault activity through induced seismicity in Oklahoma and southern Kansas
February 6th Tobias Keller Stanford The role of volatiles in volcanoes and their magmatic roots
February 13 Margaret Avery UC Berkeley Linking long-term paleomagnetic observations at Earth’s surface to the dynamics of the outer core using numerical geodynamo simulations
February 20 Noel Bartlow U. Missouri Insights into Slow Slip Events in Cascadia and New Zealand from a variety of geodetic data sources
February 27 Avinash Nayak U. Wisconsin Moment tensor inversion of seismic events associated with the sinkhole at Napoleonville, Salt Dome, Louisiana
March 6 Steve Roecker RPI Images of the mantle wedge beneath Northern and Central Chile
March 13 Paul Johnson LANL Machine Learning Applied to Continuous Geophysical Data
March 20 Phillippe Lognonne IPGP Planetary seismology : from Moon Apollo reprocessing to Mars
March 27 Spring Break
April 3 Luca Malatesta UCSC Co-location of the locking depth and the shelf break, not the coastline, at active margins
April 10 Nick Knezek UC Berkeley Detection and characterization of magnetic waves at the top of Earth’s core
April 17 Tom Brocher USGS Are we still seeing aftershocks from a M6.8 1872 earthquake in Central Washington?
April 24 Noah Randolf-Flagg UC Berkeley Exit seminar


Fall 2017 Seminars:

Speaker Affiliation Title
August 29 Naoki Uchida Tohoku University Interaction between slow and repeating earthquakes – examples in Tohoku and Nankai subduction zones, Japan
September 5 Don Vasco Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Estimating fluid-induced stress change from observed deformation
September 19 Sara McBride USGS Why won't people just listen to us? Insights from a disaster communication researcher”
September 26 Jared Peacock USGS Menlo Park 3D imaging of volcanic systems with magnetotellurics
October 3 Alicia Hotovec-Ellis USGS Menlo Park Slips, screams and migrating things: Repeating earthquakes as a toolbox to understand and monitor volcanoes
October 10 Mike Oskin UC Davis Earthquake Gates of the Altyn Tagh Fault: Linking Rupture Length to Geologically Constrained Dynamics of Fault Complexity
October 17 Dustin Schroeder Stanford University Ice penetrating radar: A window into the physical processes of ice sheets and icy moons
October 24 Valerie Sahakian USGS Menlo Park Towards region specific ground motion estimation: Putting more seismology into ground motion prediction equations
October 31 Satish Maurya UC Berkeley The geodynamic role of the Indian cratonic keel in fast drift of the Indian plate, twist in the tail!
November 7 Kurt Nihei Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Imaging with seismic waves in the near-field
November 14 Tiziana Vanorio Stanford University Cementing Roman Concrete to a Caldera
November 28 Baptiste Rousset UC Berkeley The low amplitude slow slip events signature in geodetic time series at Guerrero, Mexico and Parkfield, California.


Spring 2017 Seminars:

Speaker Affiliation Title
January 17 Michael Manga,Maxwell Rudolph, Wang-Ping Chen, and Douglas Dreger BSL Fluids and tectonics, a celebratory symposium on Chi's 80th birthday
January 24 Cancelled
January 31 Chris Milliner BSL Quantifying Near-Field Ground deformation of Large Magnitude Earthquakes Using Subpixel Optical Image Correlation
February 7 Quentin Bletery University of Oregon Mega-earthquakes and fault properties
February 14 Han Yue Caltech The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Sequence:how the main shock starts and stops
February 21 Ana Aguiar Moya Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Data Mining Microseismicity using PageRank
February 28 Pierre Dutilleul McGill University Multi-frequential periodogram and correlation analyses of earthquake numbers and hypocenter depths in central California
March 7 Bill Hammond University of Nevada, Reno GPS Imaging of Earth's Vertical Motion: From Sierra Nevada to North America
Monday, March 13, special seminar Room 141 McCone (no seminar March 14th)
March 13 Harriet Lau Harvard Tidal Tomography and Deep Mantle Buoyancy (Monday seminar)
March 21 Asaf Inbal BSL Transient aseismic deformation and deep seismicity along the San-Jacinto and the Newport-Inglewood faults
March 28 spring break
April 4 Yves Guglielmi Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Exploring processes of induced seismicity from mesoscale field experiments
April 11 Amir Allam University of Utah The Denali Fault as a Plate Boundary: New Results from Double-difference Tomography, Receiver Functions, and Fault Zone Head Waves
April 18 Matt Hornbach Southern Methodist University Seismic Imaging of hydrates on US Margins (Arctic/Atlantic) with implications for hydrate/margin stability and climate
April 25 Chris Johnson BSL Exit Seminar
May 2 Felipe Orellana Rovirosa BSL Exit Seminar
May 9 Anya Reading University of Tasmania Ocean Microseisms and Antarctic Lithosphere: Seismological and Interdisciplinary Investigations


Fall 2016 Seminars:

Aug 30 Kuo Fong Ma National Central University, Taiwan Investigation on fault zone and fluid migration activity after the 1999 M7.6 Chi-Chi, Taiwan, earthquake
Sept 6 Janire Prudencio BSL 2D and 3D attenuation tomographies of active volcanoes
Sept 13 William Walter Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Explosion Monitoring and the Source Physics Experiment (SPE)
Sept 20 Lian Xue BSL Investigations of fault zone behavior during earthquake cycles using hydrology and geodesy
Friday Sept 23 Special Seminar 9:30am Room 401 Richard Gordon Rice Origin of the Hawaiian-Emperor Bend: New Evidence
Sept 27 Emma Hill Earth Observatory of Singapore Piecemeal rupture of the Mentawai seismic gap, Sumatra, Indonesia: Conversations between recent earthquakes and their afterslip
Oct 4 Nicolas Barth University of California, Riverside Tectono-Geomorphic Perspectives on the Alpine Fault, New Zealand
Oct 11 Carl Tape Geophysics Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks Alaska Earthquake and Tectonics
Oct 18 No Seminar
Oct 25 Christine Ruhl BSL Inside an Earthquake Swarm: Detailed Analysis of the 2008 Mogul Earthquakes in Reno, NV
Nov 1 Lingling Ye Caltech Diversity of Large Megathrust Rupture: Are "Asperities" Different?
Nov 8 Nicholas van der Elst US Geological Survey, Pasadena Susceptibility and immunity in epidemic earthquake models
Nov 15 Cheng Cheng Exit Seminar BSL Cascadia subduction weak zone revealed by three-dimensional receiver function Kirchhoff migration
Nov 22 Thanksgiving Week
Nov 29 Rob Skoumal US Geological Survey, Menlo Park Induced seismicity in the Central and Eastern United States
Dec 6 Carolina Munoz Exit Seminar BSL Dynamics of Geyser systems, El Tatio, Atacama Desert


Spring 2016 Seminars:

January 26 Nathan Simmons LLNL Global seismic tomography for event monitoring and the discovery of an ancient subducted plate
February 2 Gary Fuis USGS New Imaging Methods Reveal an Active Flower Structure along a dipping San Andreas Fault (SAF) in Southern California (with a comparison of the SAF at Loma Prieta)
February 9 Dan Frost ASU Seismically mapping kilometer-scale structures throughout the mantle
February 16 Gordon Woo RMS The Cost-Effectiveness of a Californian Earthquake Early Warning System
February 23 Barbara Tripoli BSL postdoc Effect of crystallization and bubble nucleation on the seismic properties of magmas
March 1 Lucia Gualtieri LDEO From ocean waves to seismic noise: modeling the broadband seismic noise spectral amplitude
March 8 Lowell Miyagi Univ. Utah Deformation of ferropericlase at high pressure and temperature: Is there a viscosity jump in the mid-lower mantle ?
March 15 Max Rudolph Geophysical evidence for and implications of a mid-mantle viscosity increase
March 22 spring break
March 29 Michael Thorne Univ. of Utah An unusually large ultralow-velocity zone beneath the Kuriles
April 5 William Frank MIT Pinpointing transient aseismic slip at depth with seismological observations
April 12 Jessica Ball USGS Linking hydrothermal alternation,pore pressure distribution and edifice stability in stratovolcanoes
April 19 Dan Shim ASU Possible Lower-Mantle Layering by Changes in Crystal Chemistry of Bridgmanite
April 26 Dominique Weis UBC The Fine Geochemical Structure of the Hawaiian Mantle Plume Images the Earth's Deep Mantle
May 3 Wenbin Xu BSL postdoc Three volcanic eruptions in the southern Red Sea between 2007 and 2013


Fall 2015 Seminars:

September 1 Andreas Mavrommatis Stanford University A long-term deformation transient and increasing rate of repeating earthquakes preceding the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake
September 8 Maria Teresa Ramirez BSL visiting scientist Long- to Short-term Vertical Deformation across the Forearc in the peculiar Mexican Subduction zone
September 15 Corinna Roy BSL postdoc Ionospheric tomography by Over-the-horizon radar
September 22 Eric Lindsey UCSD, Earth Observatory of Singapore Geodetic constraints on frictional properties and earthquake hazard in the Imperial Valley, southern California
September 29 Nori Nakata Stanford University Body-wave reconstruction, imaging, and monitoring from ambient seismic fields
October 6 Brandon Schmandt University of New Mexico Investigating microseismicity and crustal structure beneath Mount St. Helens with a 900-geophone array
October 13 Andrew Barbour USGS, Menlo Park Variations in Pore Pressure Response Around Plate Boundary Faults in California
October 20 Annemarie Baltay USGS, Menlo Park Unraveling Earthquake Physics and Attenuation from Ground Motion Data
October 27 Doug Hemingway UC Berkeley, Miller postdoc Interiors of Titan and Enceladus inferred from their topography and gravity fields
November 3 Rob Clayton California Institute of Technology Using Dense Seismic Arrays for Tectonic and Hazards Studies; An Example From Los Angeles
November 10 Kerry Key UC San Diego Marine electromagnetic imaging of plate boundary fluids beneath the Middle America Trench offshore Nicaragua
November 17 Eric Dunham Stanford University Volcano Seismicity and Oscillations of Magma Columns: Application to VLP Events at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
November 24 Shan Dou BSL, exit seminar Field and Laboratory Investigations on Seismic Properties of Unconsolidated Saline Permafrost
December 1 Dan Bassett UC San Diego Residual topography and gravity anomalies reveal structural controls on co-seismic slip in the 2011 Mw 9.0 Tohoku-oki earthquake


Spring 2015 Seminars:

January 20 Allen McNamara ASU Investigating the compositional structure of Earth's mantle
January 27 Kaiqing Yuan UC Berkeley Pacific LAB
February 3 Lingling Ye UCSC Comparison of rupture process between the two largest deep events: the 1994 Bolivia (Mw 8.2; 640km) and 2013 Sea of Okhotsk (Mw 8.3; 610 km) earthquakes
February 10 Claudia Adam Virginia Tech Mantle dynamics and seafloor subsidence
February 17 Asaf Inbal Caltech Inference of deep creep on the San-Jacinto Fault near Anza, CA, from joint analysis of strain and aftershock data
February 24 Eileen Evans USGS Mendenhall Geodetic imaging of the earthquake cycle
March 3 Paul Selvadurai UC Berkeley Laboratory-developed contact models controlling instability on frictional faults
March 10 Jacqueline Austermann Harvard University Paleo sea level on a complex and dynamic Earth
March 17 Yihe Huang Stanford University Magnitude-frequency distribution of potentially induced earthquakes in Guy, Arkansas sequence
March 24 Spring Break
March 31 Estelle Chaussard UC Berkeley Interseismic deformation and potential for larger earthquakes on the Hayward-Calaveras Fault system
April 7 Jiayi Xie University of Colorado Boulder Inferring the oriented elastic tensor from surface wave observations: Preliminary application across the Western US
April 14 Sarah Bennett Stanford University Dig a Little Deeper: Decoding Intermediate-depth Earthquakes
April 21 (Cancelled) Stephen Morris UC Berkeley Modelling of slab-scale stresses caused by the olivine-spinel transformation
April 28 Anne Obermann Swiss Seismological Service (SED) at ETH Zurich Monitoring with ambient noise: applications to volcanoes, fault zones and injection wells


Fall 2014 Seminars:

September 2Pierre BoueStanfordTeleseismic body waves retrieval from ambient seismic noise correlation
September 9Allen McNamaraASUUnderstanding the compositional structure of Earth’s mantle
September 16Yousef BozorgniaUC BerkeleyNGA-West2 Research Project
September 23Angie ChungStanford Rapidly Evaluating Damage Using High Density Networks in Noisy Urban Environments
September 30Artie RodgersLLNLSimulations of Earthquake Ground Motions in the San Francisco Bay Area
October 7Justin RubinsteinUSGSDetermining the Seismic Hazard of Natural and Induced Earthquakes
October 14Zhongwen ZhanUC San DiegoRupture complexity of deep earthquakes: the large, the hot, and the fast
October 21Adrien ArnulfUC San Diego Anatomy of an active submarine volcano using wavefield based techniques
October 28Ben BrooksUSGSHarvesting point clouds: Near field deformation from the South Napa Earthquake from Mobile Laser Scanning geodesy
November 4Meghan MillerUSC Imaging the upper mantle structure of northwest Africa: Influence of mantle flow on continental deformation
November 11NONE - Veterans Day
November 18Sang-Ho YunJPLInSAR Error Budget in the Air
November 25Diego MelgarUC BerkeleyTsunami inundation prediction with kinematic earthquake source models
December 2Florent GimbertCaltechCan seismic observations be used to improve our knowledge on fluvial erosion processes and Arctic sea-ice dynamics?


Spring 2014 Seminars:

Speaker Affiliation Title
January 21 Emily Brodsky UC Santa Cruz Stress on Faults.
January 28 David Schmidt U. of Washington The interseismic accumulation and transient release of strain on the Cascadia Subduction Zone
February 4 Marco Calo UC Berkeley (BSL) Fluid-related induced seismicity and Enhanced Geothermal fields. Insights from the 4D seismic tomography.
February 18 Thorsen Becker U of Southern California Seismic anisotropy as a tool for understanding regional tectonics
February 25 James Badro Institut de Physique du Globe Paris Accreting the Earth and Forming its Core: Experimental and Theoretical Constraints
March 3 Eric Geist USGS, Menlo Park. Tsunami Edge Waves: An Oceanic Analog to Love Waves
March 11 Michael Thorne U. of Utah Ultra-low velocity zones and deep mantle flow.
March 18 Maxim Ballmer U. of Hawaii at Manoa Long-term survival of compositional layering across the Transition Zone in the presence of whole-mantle convection
April 1 Heidi Houston U. of Washington Slow slip,tremor, and tidal stressing: Fault weakening during ETS
April 8 Yuning Fu California Institute of Technology /JPL-NASA GPS as a high resolution technique for estimating water storage variations in Washington, Oregon, and California
April 15 Anna Kelbert Oregon State University High resolution global electrical conductivity variations in the Earth's mantle
April 22 Scott French UC Berkeley (BSL) New Constraints on Whole-mantle Structure using Full-Waveform Tomography
April 29 Romain Jolivet California Institute of Technology Bayesian exploration of the sources parameters of the 2013, Mw 7.7, Balouchistan earthquake
May 6 Zhao Zheng (Allen) UC Berkeley (BSL) High resolution upper mantle discontinuity images across the Pacific from SS precursors


Fall 2013 Seminars:

Speaker Affiliation Title
September 03 Norm Abrahamson UC Berkeley, Geoengineering & BSL Seismological Research that will have the largest effects on seismic hazard evaluations in California in the next 5-10 years.
September 10 Yan Hu UC Berkeley, EPS Upper Mantle Rheology Constrained From Subduction Zone Earthquake Cycle Deformation and Post-Glacial Rebound
September 17 Abhijit Ghosh UC Riverside Slow earthquakes and tremor -- where are we headed?
September 24 Charlie Sammis USC The Role of Deep Creep in the Timing of Large Earthquakes
October 01 Estelle Chaussard UC Berkeley, EPS Characterization of geohazards at regional scales using space geodesy: examples of land subsidence and volcanic eruptions
October 08 Lingsen Meng UC Berkeley, BSL Application of Back Projection Imaging to Earthquake Early Warning and Deep-Focus Earthquakes
October 15 Dave Stegman UC San Diego, SIO The amazing story of Yellowstone-related volcanism
October 22 Ken Hudnut USGS, Pasadena UAVSAR Reveals Surface Faulting and GPS PPP(AR) Assists in Earthquake Early Warning
October 29 Peter Shearer UC San Diego Has the probability of big earthquakes recently increased?
November 05 Fukashi Maeno ERI, Univ. Tokyo
November 12 Tom Parsons USGS, Menlo Park The global aftershock zone
November 19 Julian Lozos UC Berkley, PEER Rupture and Ground Motion Models on the Claremont - Casa Loma Stepover of the San Jacinto Fault, Incorporating Complex Fault Geometry, Stresses, and Velocity Structure
November 26 Donna Eberhart-Phillips UC Davis Imaging P and S Attenuation in the Termination Region of the Hikurangi Subduction Zone, New Zealand
December 03 Jennifer Frederick UC Berkeley, EPS Exit Seminar - Relict Arctic permafrost-associated gas hydrate deposits: Methane gas escape in response to warming due to natural climate variability


Spring 2013 Seminars:

Speaker Affiliation Title
January 22 Tom Heaton Caltech The statistics of long-period ground motion; is probabilistic design of tall buildings feasible?
January 29 Weisen Shen U. Colorado, Boulder Modeling the crust and uppermost mantle of W. US from surface wave and receiver functions
February 5 Michael Pasyanos LLNL LITHO1.0 – An updated crust and lithospheric model of the Earth developed using multiple data constraints
February 12 Jane Kanitpanyacharoen UC Berkeley, EPS Exit Seminar, Synchrotron X-ray applications toward an understanding of elastic anisotropy
February 19 Brandon Schmandt University of New Mexico Mantle seismic structure beneath USArray and the origin of the Yellowstone hotspot
February 26 Nathan Simmons LLNL Global P-wave tomography for prediction of regional and teleseismic travel times
March 5 Ru-shan Wu UCSC Break the border of the Linear Kingdom of waveform inversion
March 12 Walter Mooney USGS, Menlo Park Understanding Intraplate Earthquakes
March 19 Satoshi Ide University of Tokyo,ERI The mechanism and spatial variation of slow earthquakes
March 26 Holiday
April 2 Lars Hansen Stanford Feeling olivine fabrics: Implications of seismic anisotropy for the mechanical properties of upper mantle
April 9 Jianbao Sun Visiting Scholar, BSL Probabilistic inversion of geodetic data with applications to recent large earthquakes
April 16 Lori Dengler Humboldt State Three decades of chasing tsunamis: successes, failures and challenges
MONDAY, April 22
(Note special day.)
Rob Porritt BSL Exit Seminar - Tracing the Farallon plate through seismic imaging with USArray
April 30 No BSL Seminar Prof Barbara Romanowicz will be giving the Chancellor's Research Lecture at International House, 2299 Piedmont Ave.
May 7 Sanne Cottaar BSL Exit Seminar - Piles and puddles in the deep mantle