Berkeley Seismo Lab Outreach Pages

We invite you to enter these pages and learn about our "earthquake territory," the San Francisco Bay Area in California, U.S.A. We have produced and collected a series of presentations, videos, and activities, which we hope will educate you, whether you are a student, a teacher, or even only an interested citizen, on what it means to live in a tectonically active environment, and on how a large-magnitude earthquake will affect you.

Our teaching section provides a large array of seismology resources, which include PowerPoint presentations, videos, and activities.


Preparing for An Earthquake When the next big quake occurs in the Bay Area will you and your family be ready? Learn how to prepare for an earthquake and find out what to do during an earthquake.

Videos Check out our videos section. We have a wide variety of videos created by our outreach team, which include earthquake simulations, earthquake safety videos, and presentations by our very own seismologists.

Field Trips: Please contact Jennifer Taggart or Noah Luna at to schedule a visit. Visits are limited to weekdays and depend on the availability of our staff and students. Please allow at least two weeks notice for scheduling.

Education and Outreach

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