RAVE - Ravendale, CA, USA

We operate broadband and borehole stations under the network code BK. The Berkeley Digital Seismic Network (BDSN) is a regional network of very broadband and strong motion seismic stations designed to monitor regional seismic activity as well as provide high quality data. The Berkeley borehole stations have borehole geophones or other seismic sensors and may have other geophysical instrumentation.

Station Name RAVE
In Operation 2022/03/29 21:20:00 - Present
Elevation: 1634.5 meters
Instrumentation Broadband


Site is located at Ravendale, CA


Berkeley Digital Seismic Network (BK)


Tertiary volcanic flow rocks, minor pyroclastic deposits

Borehole Conditions

The RAVE installation is based on the USArray vault design.

Station Pictures

Table of Seismic Instrumentation

SensorDataloggerSEED ChannelsLocation
AccelerometerEPISENSOR ES-TQ8HN?,LN?00

Waveforms and associated metadata are available at the Northern California Earthquake Data Center (NCEDC).

Waveform Data