Seminar Schedule

The BSL Seminar regularly takes place Tuesdays at 4:00pm (PST) unless otherwise noted. Seminars will be hybrid with in-person people joining from the BSL Conference Room (220 McCone Hall) and many others joining virtually. Please email Roland B├╝rgmann ( to be added to the mailing list to receive the Zoom link.

Fall 2022 Seminars

Name Affiliation Title
August 30 Alicia J. Hotovec-Ellis USGS; California Volcano Observatory Using earthquake-derived seismic velocity changes to monitor strain at volcanoes
September 6 Yuankun Xu BSL Remote sensing and hydromechanical characterization of landslides
September 13 Daria Holdenried-Chernoff EPS A statistical description of kinematic dynamos using field theory methods
September 20 Alba Rodriguez Padilla UC Davis The geologic fingerprint of multi-fault earthquakes in Southern California
September 27 Eiichiro Araki

(Presented remotely via Zoom)
JAMSTEC Very broadband low noise fiber optic sensing with seafloor cable off Muroto Nankai Trough, Japan. Development of sensing instruments and experiments

Link to video on BSL Internal webpage
October 4 Shujuan Mao Stanford 4D seismic interferometry: New constraints on groundwater monitoring and beyond
October 11 Kelian Dascher-Cousineau BSL Earthquake Forecasting in a Data Rich Era
October 18 So Ozawa Stanford Mechanics of earthquakes on nonplanar faults
October 25 Chris Milliner

(Presented remotely via Zoom)
Caltech Constraining the Frictional Strength and State of Stress Along Coseismic Fault Ruptures using 3D Geodetic Imaging Data
November 1 Ozgur Kozaci InfraTerra Bi-modal behavior of the North Anatolian fault documented using paleoseismology, cosmogenic nuclide dating, dendroseismology and archeoseismology
November 8 Sophie Coulson Los Alamos National Laboratory Predicting and Observing Patterns of Modern Sea Level Change and Crustal Deformation
November 15 Ahmed Ettaf Elbanna University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Building the Earthquake Virtual Machine: Modeling sequences of earthquakes and aseismic slip in complex fault zones
November 22 Johan (Yoshi) Gilchrist University of British Columbia The collapse dynamics and terraced deposits of the largest explosive eruptions on Earth
November 29 Andrea Chiang Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Regional Moment Tensor Inversion Using a Three-Dimensional Earth Model and its Application to the Western United States

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