Seminar Schedule

The BSL Seminar regularly takes place Tuesdays at 4:00pm (PST) unless otherwise noted. Seminars will be hybrid with in-person people joining from the BSL Conference Room (220 McCone Hall) and many others joining virtually. Please email Bruce Buffett ( to be added to the mailing list to receive the Zoom link.

Fall 2023 Seminars

Name Affiliation Title
August 29 Zach Ross Caltech Insights on magma transport and the state of stress in the mantle sill complex beneath Pahala, Hawai‘i
September 5 Sonia Tikoo Stanford Origins of lunar magnetic records and implications for the Moon's dynamo history
September 12 Joe Byrnes Northern Arizona University Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Coupling and the Depth Extent of Anisotropy Beneath the Pacific Ocean
September 19 Sin-Mei Wu Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory From Hydrothermal to Magmatic Systems: Probing the Subsurface with Dense Array Seismology
September 26 Jenny Suckale Stanford Why do persistently degassing volcanoes erupt? Preliminary insights from multi-scale, multi-physics modeling
October 3 Wenyuan Fan UC San Diego Very low frequency earthquakes in between the seismogenic and tremor zones in Cascadia
October 10 Rodrigo Chi-Duran UC Berkeley TBA
October 17 Gaspard Farge UC Santa Cruz Sounds of the subduction plumbing system — How transient fluid circulation processes in the subduction shape patterns of seismic tremor
October 24 Joe Biasi University of Wyoming A Novel Volcano Monitoring Technique
October 31 John Vidale University of Southern California Earth's inner core is noticeably both rotating and changing
November 7 Alice Gabriel UC San Diego TBA
November 14 Magali Billen UC Davis Linking long term deformation of sinking tectonic plates and earthquakes occurring in the deep mantle
November 21 Marine Denolle University of Washington Exploring the Synergy of Cloud Computing and Seismology
November 28 Nori Nakata Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory TBA

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