The Berkeley Seismological Laboratory conducts essential research on earthquakes and solid earth processes while collecting and delivering high quality geophysical data.

We provide robust and real-time earthquake and hazard information on Northern California earthquakes, in collaboration with our partners.

We enable the broad consumption of earthquake information by the general public while educating and training students at all levels.

Photo of Peggy Hellweg

Peggy Hellweg Elected SSA President-Elect

Peggy Hellweg, operations manager for the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory (BSL) at the University of California, Berkeley, was elected president-elect by the Board of the Seismological Society of America on 14 April. Hellweg previously served as SSA Secretary and co-chaired the 100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference, SSA’s joint meeting with...

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For Researchers: Upcoming NCEDC Outage Jan 1-4, 2021

The Northern California Earthquake Data Center (NCEDC) is the permanent archive and distribution center for various types of digital data relating to earthquakes in central and northern California. Of importance to researchers in seismology, between January 1, 2021 00:00:00 PST to January 4, 2021 23:59:59 PST the NCEDC will have reduced services or be offline. During that time, availability of the NCEDC web site and web services will also be affected. For several days after the outage, some requests for recent data may fail or return incomplete data, as BSL staff restore systems and archive missing data as it becomes available. This planned NCEDC outage is due to upgrades on the power systems at the UC Berkeley data center. This data center outage will not affect real-time earthquake location or earthquake early warning.

Beirut Explosion Israel Network

An Explosion in Beirut heard all over the Middle East

The terrible explosion which devastated the port of Beirut and large parts of the downtown area of the Lebanese capital on Tuesday sent shock waves through the Middle East and parts of southeastern Europe. Seismometers as far away as 600 miles from the blast site recorded the seismic waves it produced...

Photo of Noel Bartlow

Dr. Noel Bartlow: Faults slip slowly in Cascadia:

The Cascadia Subduction Zone has occasional large earthquakes and frequent slow-slip events. A new study quantifies how these slow-slip events accommodate tectonic plate motion...
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Photo of Barbara Romanowicz

ERC Interviews Professor Barbara Romanowicz

Barbara Romanowicz, geophysicist and expert on imaging the earth's interior, has been a member of the ERC’s Scientific Council since 2016. She explains the nature of her research, its reach across the planet and also updates us on gender issues developments at the ERC....
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Seismic hazard map of Turkey

Quake in Turkey highlights the hazard in the East Bay

Three days after a strong earthquake struck the eastern Turkish provinces of Elazig and Malatya, rescue crews are still trying to free survivors from the rubble of collapsed buildings. More than 40 people are known to have been killed in the quake, which shook the region on Friday evening, local time...

Map showing historic quakes near Puerto Rico

Deadly Earthquakes in the Muertos Trough

For the past eleven days, the US territory of Puerto Rico has been shaken by hundreds of earthquakes, culminating in a magnitude 5.8 temblor on Monday and a deadly magnitude 6.4 quake in the early morning hours of today (Tuesday, local time).