MOBB - Monterey Bay Ocean Bottom, CA, USA

We operate broadband and borehole stations under the network code BK. The Berkeley Digital Seismic Network (BDSN) is a regional network of very broadband and strong motion seismic stations designed to monitor regional seismic activity as well as provide high quality data. The Berkeley borehole stations have borehole geophones or other seismic sensors and may have other geophysical instrumentation.

Station Name MOBB
In Operation 2002/04/10 18:43:00 - Present
Elevation: -1036.5 meters
Instrumentation Broadband


Site is located on the Monterey Bay ocean floor, Monterey, CA. The station is operated as a collaborative effort with Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). As of 2/27/09, there is an umbilical connecting MOBB to the MARS research node. Data is sent from the node to MBARI via the MARS cable and is then sent back to the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory through the Internet in real time.

The MOBB station has been down since July 2017 due to a failure of the extension cable that links it to the main MARS cable and provides access to the data as well as power to the instruments. As of March 14, 2018, we are still looking for ways to determine the extent of the failure (i.e. whether the whole cable needs to be replaced)


Berkeley Digital Seismic Network (BK)


Borehole Conditions

Station Pictures

ROV being deployed to MOBB

ROV being deployed to MOBB

Filling the MOBB seismometer <br> with glass beads (c)2002 MBARI

Filling the MOBB seismometer
with glass beads (c)2002 MBARI

Table of Seismic Instrumentation

SensorDataloggerSEED ChannelsLocation
BroadbandGuralp CMG-1T Triaxial SeismometerDM24BH?00
OthersDeep-Sea Differential Pressure GaugeQ330LD?10
Falmouth Scientific Inc. 2D Acoustic Current MeterFSI2DACMLO?20
Auxiliary12V MonitorQ330LE?10

Waveforms and associated metadata are available at the Northern California Earthquake Data Center (NCEDC).

Waveform Data