Participation in Earthquake Early Warning

The West Coast Earthquake Early Warning project is made possible thanks to funding from

Core members include:

Our Earthquake Research Affiliates support network operations at the BSL, as well as provide feedback and collaborate in research.

Beta Testers for the ShakeAlert UserDisplay include over 50 scientists providing input crucial for future implementations.

Companies, institutions, government agencies and other industries with an interest in this project (or other novel seismological measurement technologies) are urged to contact Jennifer Strauss at jastrauss {at} berkeley {dot} edu to learn more about becoming an Earthquake Research Affiliate Member.

At this time, Beta Testing is not open to the general public. This is for two reasons: there are many areas in California where station density is low and therefore reliability of alerts is not guaranteed to be up to our standards. Secondly, for early warning alerts to be useful, people, companies and institutions must know beforehand what they will do when they receive the information. This is an outreach effort that has not yet been part of the project due to the limited funding currently available.

Eventually, earthquake early warning alerts will arrive to the general public by all means possible —through email, applets, radio and television, and by computer-to-computer messages for automatic control of systems like trains and production facilities.